Roam Serengeti Safaris


Mussa Rajabu standing next to his safari vehicle

Mussa Rajabu

Roam Serengeti Safaris is owned, operated, and guided by Mussa Rajabu, a native of the Lake Victoria area.

Mussa has been a part of Africa his entire life. Growing up in a village just outside of the Serengeti, he was exposed to wildlife from an early age—and it inspired him to be a safari guide. After studying under wildlife experts and working for other companies for nearly 10 years, Mussa started Roam Serengeti Safaris in 2014 so he could share the incredible natural beauty and wonder of his home country with visitors from all over the world.

Boniface Lyimo

Lyimo was born and raised in Arusha, where he first discovered his interest in wildlife. As he grew older, that interest animals and nature flourished, inspiring him to seek work as a safari guide. After over 20 years in the field, Lyimo is still incredibly passionate about his work, which is quickly noticed by every group he takes on safari. 

Boniface Lyimo sits in the passenger side of a safari vehicle
Seif Manyama stands next to a safari vehicle

Seif Manyama

Seif was born on the Eastern coast of Tanzania in Tanga, but spent most of his childhood in Arusha, where he quickly developed a fascination with the animals and environment around him. Years of admiring wildlife galvanized Seif’s desire to become a guide, as he could share his love and respect of nature with others on a regular basis. 

He has been a guide since 2014 and continues to enjoy his work daily, surrounded by the people, places, and animals he holds close to his heart. 


We take exceptional pride in the quality of our safari vehicles. Each and every one is  well maintained to provide the best experience possible for our clients. 

All of our Land Cruisers and Land Rovers are equipped with:

  • A pop-up roof. This provides quick, easy access to unrestricted views of the environment and wildlife, as well as providing shade from the sun and excellent airflow.
  • Large sliding windows. In addition to the pop-up, they provide plenty of view space for every seat. 
  • Extra storage. That means you can bring your own camping supplies, comfort items, photography equipment and anything else you may need for extended trips.
  • Amenities. Charging stations are available to charge cell phones, cameras, and other equipment. There are also coolers to keep food and beverages cold. 
  • Water. There is always water available on-board so you can spend your time viewing nature’s beauty instead of finding or rationing water. 

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