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Cultural Experiences in Tanzania

Add-On Cultural Experiences

If you’re looking for unique things to do in Tanzania, look no further. While each safari comes with new and life-changing experiences inherently—like trying local dishes, seeing some of the earth’s most amazing creatures in their natural habitat, and even sleeping in the wilds of Africa—there are plenty more to enjoy. All it takes is a simple request and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Maasai Cultural Experience

Visit a traditional Maasai village and immerse yourself and your group in their storied, historic way of life. Experience their daily rituals, dances, and handiwork as your guide translates and explains the details of their traditional lifestyle.

Hadzabe Cultural Experience

Visit a village of the bushmen of Lake Eyasi, the last of the East African hunters and gatherers. Join in on a hunting excursion, collect honey, see how poison arrows are made, learn how to make a fire, and learn about their natural medicines. 

Banana Farm Tour

Explore a local banana farm near Lake Manyara by getting a tour of the property, trying different bananas and dishes, and learning about the local agriculture and how local banana brews are made.

Coffee Farm Tour

See first-hand how one of Tanzania’s most heralded agricultural gems is planted, grown, harvested, and processed into one of the most highly desired and exported commodity in the world.

Market Visits

From roadside stands to village-wide street markets, there is plenty to discover. With the help of a guide, you’ll be able to communicate, negotiate for, and explore handmade wares, food, and regional specialties.

Local Food Package

On top of the local cuisine served at your accommodations, our guides will have you try a variety of different fruits, vegetables, spices, and even proteins so you can deepen your culinary experience even further.

Ready to take your trip to Tanzania to the next level with a cultural experience?

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