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Private Classic Safaris

Enjoy a prearranged itinerary designed by our expert team and reserved for your party alone. Spend less time planning and more time simply enjoying. 

Revel in privacy

Whether you’re on your honeymoon, with a group of friends, traveling with family, or simply want to savor the respite of nature solo, enjoy it all with a private adventure for just you and yours.

A woman sits on the hood of her safari vehicle wearing appropriate safari clothes
A man shoots pictures of warthogs in the wilds of Tanzania

Explore like a pro

Our guides have spent years refining the perfect expeditions to share the beauty, wildlife, and culture of Tanzania with visitors. Just pick the safari that suits you best, sit back, and enjoy while we take care of the rest.

Choose from a wide selection

Just because you’re going with a prearranged itinerary doesn’t mean you don’t have options. We’ve got safaris to satisfy nearly every budget, length, focus, and adventurer. Check them out below!

A safari vehicle drives along an elevated river edge in Tanzania

Safari Inspiration

Pachyderm Pairing

Two days in Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater and an overnight in a nearby lodge. A quick but lovely excursion for those who want a taste of safari life.

Camp Serengeti 6

With nearly four full days in the Serengeti and a stop each in Ngorongoro and Tarangire, this fantastic camping trip will immerse you in some of Tanzania’s greatest destinations. 

The Lion's Share

With a focus on the Serengeti, stops in Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, and Tarangire, and a cultural visit to cap it all off, this luxury safari gives visitors a true, adventurous Tanzanian experience without missing the comforts of home. 

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