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Landscape view seen on a Tarangire preplanned safari

Which Type of Safari is Right for You: Preplanned vs Customized Safaris

Taking an African safari is on many people’s to do list – in fact, 45% of those represented in a recent survey said going an African safari was on their bucket list. But with so many options, how do you choose which type of safari to take?

Preplanned Safari Itineraries

Preplanned safaris take all the hassle out of planning your African safari, because the stops and routes are predetermined. Your experienced guide will know when to be where, and it keeps you from having to do a ton of front-end research to create a plan yourself.

In addition to these things, preplanned safaris are perfect if you:

  • Have only a few days and want to maximize your time in Africa
    • Preplanned safaris are created to be the optimal itineraries, geared at showing you all of the top sites and animals in an efficient way.
  • Are a solo traveler
    • While you can opt for a private safari, a preplanned classic safari with Roam is a great way to meet new people and share your experience with others.
  • Have a set budget
    • Pricing is usually lower for preplanned safaris than it is for a customized itinerary.

Customized Safaris

Customized safaris allow you to see and do whatever you choose. If you want to spend more or less time in one location or do something less traditional, customizing your safari will allow you to check all the boxes. These are also great if:

  • You want to do more than just visit Tanzania’s parks
    • If you are as interested in checking out the local food scene or learning about the culture of the indigenous tribes as you are seeing the Serengeti and all its wildlife, a custom safari will allow you to spend more time on those unique things to do in Tanzania along with the traditional safari activities
  • Have a large group with a variety of interests
    • If getting your whole travel party on board with one plan sounds challenging, a custom safari that allows everyone to have their wants represented can make a good option.
  • Have plenty of time to explore
    • Setting your own pace is one advantage of a customized itinerary, whether you want a jam packed adventure or a relaxing safari experience.

Other Types of Safaris

In addition to choosing your safari itinerary, there are different types of safaris relating to your accommodations and your overall experience.

Lux vs Economical

We get it – not everyone wants to rough it. We also know that traveling to Africa is a big trip, and not everyone has the budget for extra frills.

A luxury safari is perfect for special occasions like a honeymoon, and can offer you tailored service and more privacy. An economical safari provides the same great wildlife viewing and adventure, with less of the high-end touches.

Camping vs Hotel 

If camping while apex predators are close by isn’t up your alley, a safari with hotel or game lodge accommodations may be your best bet. If you’re looking for an all out adventure, a camping safari will allow you to be fully immersed in your experience.

Our Safaris

At Roam, we offer three types of safaris, with options from luxury safaris to economical trips: Classic, Private Classic, and Private Custom. Our classic options are all preplanned itineraries, ranging from 2 day Serengeti safaris to full weeks in Tanzania’s parks, some even with cultural experiences already included. Our custom option allows you to choose – anywhere you want to go and anything you want to see, we’ll take you there.